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Please use the below form to tell us about the equipment you have for sale, and make sure you see the confirmation message that your inquiry has been sent successfully. Once sent, an e-mail with the full details of your inquiry will be sent to our purchasing team. If you’d like to e-mail us an attachment, let us know in the comment section below and one of us will reply requesting the list.

Electronic American Recycling is located at 7410 Sand St - Fort Worth, Texas 76118, and we buy and sell equipment worldwide from end users as well as resellers. We’ve handled jobs which required we travel as far as Asia to manage the decommissioning/packing process, as well as jobs which required equipment be collected from thousands of locations within a short period of time.

If you encounter any problems or would like to talk with us rather than submitting the form, call us at (817) 616-5577, however any purchase offer would be made by e-mail to ensure accuracy.

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