Electronic American Recycling specializes in optimizing value throughout the lifecycle of IT and electronic assets.

We provide customized, innovative solutions and also every kind of refurbished equipment of almost all companies.

Return on Investment

Our Resale team works a diverse channel platform. After we identify the best channel to resell your equipment we work the channel to get the most value for your equipment.

Lifecycle Solutions

IT hardware is constantly improving every day, keeping up with this pace and maintaining a healthy refresh cycle is challenging for organizations of all types and sizes. As our clients refresh their assets they rely on us to optimize the value of their assets. Working with our team of integrated partners, provides cradle to grave solutions that optimize each stage of the lifecycle.

From procurement to final disposition and data destruction services, we work with you to design the best IT asset lifecycle and decommissioning strategy based on your company’s goals.

Lease management, redeployment, inventory management, and warehousing are areas we bring the expertise you need to manage your program properly.

Purchasing and Recycling

We buy and recycle large volumes of used technology assets through our technology purchasing and recycling services. At Electronic American Recycling, we understand every organization has unique needs and requirements. Whether it is only a closet full of old laptops, or clearing out entire warehouses of bulky equipment, we can help. Our experts specialize in both Macs and PCs and can work with you to develop plans specific to your situation.

Electronic American Recycling has the ability to pick up hardware from any location. Our professional supervisors and staff will provide all the necessary labor to ensure the collection of all unwanted inventory. And, with our flexible scheduling, we can arrange pick-ups at your convenience. Our team will actively work around your day-to-day operations in order to minimize any disruptions to your local staff and administrators.

Asset Value Recovery

If you are looking to get paid for your corporate IT equipment, look no further. Not only is reuse the purest form of electronics recycling but it allows you to recover value on your initial technology investment. Electronic American Recycling will help contain IT purchase costs, reduce your net spend over time and maximize residual value on your IT assets quickly and efficiently. We maximize the recoverable value of your IT equipment by utilizing a vetted network of retail and wholesale channels for the most competitive pricing. Assets that have technical value are tested, refurbished and remarketed for resale.

Electronic American Recycling can help with your AVR needs whether you have equipment you want to sell right now or whether you want 4th Bin to advise on your long term IT asset disposition plans.

Here’s a quick look at where Electronic American Recycling’s IT Asset Value Recovery & Disposition can help:

  • • Understand fair market value for your IT assets
  • • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • • Inventory tracking, reporting, and optimization
  • • Offset new IT equipment purchases
  • • Guarantee the purest form of recycling – reuse!
  • • Promise that IT assets not being reused are ethically recycled
  • • Get in touch with our Asset Value Recovery experts today so we can help you turn your retiring IT equipment into cash.
  • Services Include

    Procurement, Imaging, Installation, De-installation, Data Sanitization, Asset decommissioning, Logistic services, Chain of custody reporting, Refurbishment, Packaging, Warehousing, Remarketing.
    For complimentary valuation services please contact:


    • • Complimentary valuation services
    • • Offer outright purchase, consignment or end-of-life recycling services
    • • Offer outright purchase, consignment or end-of-life recycling services
    • • NAID AAA certification
    • • Complete chain of custody on all assets
    • • In-house end-of-life electronics recycling
    • • Customized transportation and pick up solutions
    • • Serialized number reporting available
    • • Financially backed closure plan, $5M pollution liability coverage, plus $1M cyber liability
    • • Certificate of Data Destruction
    • • Certified technicians will sanitize your hard drives while staying compliant with HIPAA, FACTA, SOX and other government regulations.
    • • After hard drives are tested and sanitized, they can then be remarketed to offer your organization a financial return on your IT investment.
    • • Dynamic Recycling will provide your organization with locked bins so that your sensitive media can be stored in a safe place until it is destroyed or sanitized.
    • • Modern facilities equipped with over 100 security cameras active 24/7. Both facilities are accessible by key card access only.